This is the list of requirements for students seeking to fulfill the College Minor requirement. College advisors can add a student to this minor:

Students majoring in a College of Social Science major may complete the following set of requirements in fulfillment of the minor requirements. Students who plan to complete these requirements should consult an undergraduate advisor in the College of Social Science. The requirements may meet the College of Social Science college interdisciplinary minor requirement.

a. The following course (3 credits):

  • ANP236 The Anthropology of Peace and Justice 3

b. One of the following courses (3 credits):

  • CJ422 Comparative and Historical Criminal Justice 3
  • EC495 Economics of Poverty and Income Distribution (W )3
  • HST365 The Vietnam War 3
  • HST392 History of the Holocaust 3
  • HST414 World War II: Causes, Conduct and Consequences 3
  • HST415 The First World War 3
  • PLS160 Introduction to International Relations 3
  • PLS363 International and Domestic Political Conflict 3
  • PLS364 Politics of the United Nations and International Organizations 3
  • SOC214 Social Inequality 3
  • SOC252 Introduction to Environmental Sociology 3

c. Two of the following courses (6 credits):

  • COM100 Human Communication 3
  • EEM260 World Food Population and Poverty 3
  • GSAH310 Questions of Justice in Global Contexts 3
  • JRN345 Images and Messages 3
  • JRN372 Environment, Science and Health Journalism Special Topics 3
  • JRN375 International Journalism and Media 3
  • PHL353 Core Themes in Peace and Justice 3
  • REL185 Introduction to Religion and Nonprofits 3
  • WRA441 Social Justice as Rhetorical Practice 3

d. The following exit course (3 credits):

  • ANP321 Anthropology of Social Movements 3