To produce graduates who can integrate a variety of disciplinary and analytic approaches to reframe discussions of inequality, injustice and violence and point to innovative approaches to complex real world situations. PJS engages students and faculty from across campus in linked curricular and co-curricular experiences that are personally trans- formative, create new frameworks for understanding the ever changing world beyond the classroom, and provide students with skills to become globally engaged citizens.


Peace and Justice Studies faculty and students see the PJS perspective and experience as valuable to all students. We will continue to increase the number of students enrolled as long as we can sustainably provide the quality experience students value. We will share our approach to student learning and our substantive focus with the wider campus community and develop new partnerships. We will prepare students to be engaged global citizens providing the skills necessary to engage a dynamic and changing future. We will work with alumni and friends to create networks of opportunity for students beyond graduation. We will draw on university programs to assist our students with participating in study abroad and other immersion experiences. Given the unique perspective and emphasis on learning our students and faculty seek to expand, we will work with other units on campus and articulate this approach more clearly through scholarly discussions and publications. We will work with campus partners to create opportunities for graduate students emphasizing the PJS approach in their teaching and research.