Students for Peace and Justice is an activist group on campus that seeks to be a network for students to get involved in and spread the word about work being done to address unjust issues throughout our campuses, communities, and world. Past campaigns have included Banning Landmines, Environmental Awareness and Restoration, and a Homelessness Simulation. Student groups are working hard to end suffering in many ways, and Students for Peace and Justice would like to promote this work! Join Students for Peace and Justice to share your stories and get engaged in new ones! Please feel free to share your group’s events, meeting times, and anything else on our Facebook page.



Art and Activism On October 13 members of New York City based Nsumi Collective presented their recent and ongoing work, which focused on emerging forms of collective grassroots organization and direct action planning. The presentation drew from recent developments and first-hand experiences in contemporary art, social justice activism, and strategic protest. 

They addressed the challenges and opportunities of creating socially and politically engaged art in an age of increasing complexity and social inequality through images, video, and printed resources.

The participating audience was able to learn about the intersections between art and activism, activist and protest eco-systems, the drivers of grass roots social change, strategic planning for activists, and regional action coordination.

The event was hosted by Students for Peace and Justice and Students United, and sponsored by Peace and Justice Studies, The Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, and the GEU.