Interview with an Activist – Dr. Alfredo Navarro

Anita Chitwood, PJS Student We are Generation Y – the Millennials. Older generations criticize our overuse of technology and dependence on creating networks, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing. The students in Venezuela have used these defining characteristics to unite together and demand change of their government, led by President Nicolas Maduro. I was able to gain further insight to these riots by talking with Dr. Alfredo Navarro. He is a motivated, Venezuelan native who is now a U.S. citizen and Physician’s Assistant here in Michigan. Dr. Navarro’s passion and knowledge of Venezuela has made him a great resource of information regarding the riots. He believes in the power of our generation to create change. Check out this interview with Dr. Navarro to gain an in depth understanding of who started the riots, why they are occurring and what lessons college students can take from them as we enter in to the bigger world.

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