Donna Rich Kaplowitz received a BA in English and Latin American Studies from the University of Michigan and an MA in Latin American Studies from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Ph.D. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University. Donna’s research interests have focused on US policy toward Cuba, the US embargo of Cuba, and Cuban foreign policy. She has published widely and her book credits include: The Cuba Reader: The Making of a Revolution; The Anatomy of a Failed Embargo: US Sanctions Against Cuba; and Cuba’s Ties to a Changing World.


Donna’s interests have also extended to US education policy, with specific interest in social justice education. She was twice elected to the East Lansing School Board, and serves as president of the Edgewood Village Scholars Committee, and as a board member for MSU’s Gifted and Talented Program. She has long been interested in civic engagement and service learning at the university level, and previously taught at American University before coming to MSU. Donna’s courses at RCAH focus on both Cuba as well as the intersection of social justice and civic engagement in working with local youth.


Beyond the classroom, Donna enjoys pastel painting, ceramics, writing creative non-fiction and travel with her husband and four children.